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Exquisite Blumen provides personal attention for your unique space by carefully selecting the best SEASONAL flower arrangements for each environment.

 As we specialize in Local Delivery Only, you can receive selected benefits of our Floral Club by joining a monthly subscription below. 
After signing up>
CONTACT US to schedule a visit of your location. 

*Please Note: We do not ship live arrangements

  • Weekly Blumen

    Every month
    Perfect for a single personal space
    • Seasonal Bouquet
    • Medium Size Arrangement
    • Weekly Refreshments
  • Ambience Designer

    Every month
    Perfect for Residential Space or Small Bed & Breakfast
    • Medium Size Arrangement
    • 6 Small Vases
    • Weekly Refreshments
  • Blumen Collection

    Every month
    Luxurious Selection Ideal for Business, Restaurants, Hotels
    • Luxurious selection of all in season Blumen flowers
    • Displayed as large bouquets or several full medium bouquets
    • 10 - 12 Medium Vases
    • Weekly Refreshments



Custom floral arrangements to suit your needs or special event, to give beauty and life to your custom space

Elaborate entryways

Wedding or engagements

Unique photoshoots

private events

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