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  • How to Clean Glass Vase and Metal Base
    Glass Vase: Use an ammonia-free glass cleaner on the outside and wipe glass dry with a microfiber cloth. Do not submerge in water. Metal Base: Wipe metal with a soft, clean cloth slightly dampened with water and wipe dry with microfiber cloth.
  • How to Clean Acrylic Insert:
    Not dishwasher safe. Wash with warm soapy water directly after use. Wrap a flat wooden stick with a microfiber towel (a paint stirrer or ruler work well, no spoons or knives) and work the stick and towel into the insert using a gentle back and forth motion to dry, no hard movements to avoid cracking corners. Plexiglass cleaner can be used in place of warm water and soap. Denture cleaning tablets can be used to remove hard water stains and calcium deposits. Do not use paper towels.
  • How Do I Create a New Arrangement
    First, remove the liner from the vase. Cut the stems of flowers to the height preferred and place in the liner. Next, using a small mouthed watering can, pour water into the liner. Wipe any drops off the outside with a microfiber cloth before placing liner into the vase. Want a centerpiece guests can see over? Cut flowers stems on the short side (approx 4" taller than the vase). Trim as needed. *One note of caution: forcing very thick stems into the liner can cause it to crack.
  • What Kind Of Water Can I Use?
    Tap water is okay to use for all flower arrangements with one exception. If the water source is hard water we recommend bottled distilled water only to avoid water stains on the liner.
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