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Open your mind, body and spirit to the smallest elements of nature to the expansive art of garden design. Receive the beauty of the blooms and the love that they ignite within us all.

Experience Wellness Through Flowers.

My journey with flowers has created a wonderful balance for me and it can for you as well. Between the beginnings of seeds, buds and playing in the dirt, to the delicate nature of handling blooms. This practice has brought me even closer to nature, restoring calm in my mind, and peace in my spirit.


The occasions where butterflies rest on the petals while I am tending to the garden, sitting in communion with the earth. Hummingbirds join, while the sun warms my skin, also, living in the beauty of the present moment.

The beginnings of creating a vibrant garden were a combination of emotions, from the thrill of a new project to full physical immersion in the land of the unknown of prepping the beds, gathering the rich soil between my hands and sculpting a vision that existed in my mind and now has flourished into reality.

Experience my own personal journey, re-landscaping the garden. Exquisitely planning so that in every area you can cut from a flourishing garden.

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