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Luxury Florist, Annemarie Schweiger creates custom floral arrangements with local delivery on Whidbey Island and by monthly subscription with our exquisite Floral CluB. Admire the delicacy and artistry of blooms from distinct bouquets created just for you.

Flowers and plants adorn our homes, honor our loved ones and celebrate unforgettable moments in our lives.


Gardening has brought me even closer to nature, restoring peace of mind and a sense of calm in my spirit. 

Annemarie Schweiger Founder of Exquisite Blumen

“I want to share the joy of my blooms. Growing & arranging flowers has become my tranquility. It's a powerful part of my journey to Peace & wellness and can Become a part of yours as well." 

- Annemarie Schweiger

Note the alluring fragrances and sense of peace being surrounded by the variety of vibrant flowers in your home or special occasion.

Exquisite Blumen, Whidbey Island

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