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My journey with flowers has created a wonderful balance for me. Between the beginnings of seeds, buds and playing in the dirt, to the delicate nature of handling blooms. This practice has brought me even closer to nature, restoring calm in my mind, and peace in my spirit.


The occasions where butterflies rest on the petals while I am tending to the garden, sitting in communion with the earth. Hummingbirds join, while the sun warms my skin, also, living in the beauty of the present moment.

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Flowers are my love language


I welcome you to private events hosted in the lush garden, a space I film intimate interviews of prominent authors, artists, and musicians and share a tour of my secret garden facing the magnificent view of miles of shorelines, mountains and surrounding islands. 


Join our micro retreats to learn how to develop your own sanctuary and immerse yourself in the art of gardening.

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